January Specials

Welcome to January's Specials page.

Special Entrees

* Pasta Day (Monday) Pesto Pasta with Chicken
Pesto Pasta with Veggies
* International Day (Tuesday) Carnitas Tacos(2) - Gluten Free:
Pulled Pork on soft Corn Tortillas.
* Down Home Day (Wednesday) Corn Dog Muffins - Gluten Free. Ki's Cornbread baked into muffins with a hot dog baked inside
* Home Cooking Day (Thursday) Turkey Sloppy Joe: Ground Turkey & Organic BBQ Sauce on a Whole Wheat Bun
* Pizza Day (Friday) Hawaiian Pizza - Natural Ham and Pineapple added to our Cheese Pizza

Special Smoothie

Mango Smoothie: Mango, Bananas, Apple Juice.