Ordering Policies

Ki's School Lunches is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We are happy to offer these flexible ordering policies.

Normal Orders

The cut-off time for regular orders is noon the day before (up till 11:00 PM on Sundays!) Please be sure to complete your order by the cut-off time. Items for the same day still in your cart after the cut-off time will be removed when you attempt to check out. There are automated processes in our website that occur at the cut-off time (emails to the schools, production and packing reports, etc.), so please be sure to checkout prior to that time.

Late "Surcharge" Orders

Surcharge (Late Fee) orders can be made up till 8:00 AM the day of for an additional charge. Not all items are available because of the preparation difficulty or time required for some items (like rolling sushi). Surcharge orders are placed just like normal orders, when you go to the Ordering Calendar the day will have a Late Fee will apply statement, the late fee will be applied when you add the order to your cart.

Emergency Lunch Orders

We want to insure that no children go hungry due to no lunch order so we take a few extra lunches each day, but they are limited so it is always better for you to preorder.

The emergency lunches are as follows:

  • Pasta Day - Pasta With Butter (parmesan on the side)
  • International Day - Chicken Nuggets
  • Down Home Day - Organic Mac & Cheese
  • Home Cooking Day - Chicken Nuggets
  • Pizza Day - Cheese Pizza

Your child is welcome to go through our lunch line, we will feed them and place a Surcharge order in your account retroactively. You will receive an email with the specifics of the order and the Surcharge.

Changes to Existing Orders

Changes to your orders may be made by you online before 8:00 AM the day of. If you are adding to the days order or changing to an entree that is more expensive you will need to have enough money in your Ki's account to cover the cost prior to making the change or your current order will be cancelled and placed in the cart waiting for you to pay the difference (use the Add Money to My Account feature prior to the change in order to avoid the cancellation).

After insuring you have sufficient in-store credit, click on Change Order next to the members name, then Change Order in the day you wish to change, select the changes from the pull-downs presented then click on Submit Changes.

No changes will be accepted after 8:00 AM.

Lunch Cancellations

If your child will not be attending school on a day a lunch has been purchased a lunch credit will be issued provided the specific lunch is canceled on the web site by you before 8:00 AM. The cancellation will result in a lunch credit that can be used to purchase a future lunch.

No cancellations will be accepted after 8:00 AM.