About Us

Ki’s was founded in 1980 by Ki (Catherine Holcomb). In the beginning, Ki’s concept was simple: offer fresh vegetable juices, vitamins, and some groceries. In a very short time it became evident that what her customers wanted most was a variety of fresh juice, smoothies, and Ki’s home cooking prepared in a healthy manner. After forming a partnership with her son, Barry, they located a spot in Cardiff and called it Ki’s Juice Bar.

A few years into the operation Ki’s began producing wholesale foods for other southern California based businesses. Through distribution of Ki’s salsa, veggie burger, salads and dressing, muffins, and cookies, Ki’s has become a well known name in San Diego, associated with healthy food.

After fifteen years of continual growth, Ki and family moved their restaurant and wholesale business to the beach in Cardiff, where it resides today. The new location, with its larger dining area and panoramic views of the ocean and lagoon, created a demand for private parties, and thus, Ki’s catering was born. Ki’s now caters for events both on and off site, and provides for corporate luncheons.

Ki’s is a family owned and operated business. We live in North County San Diego, where our children attend school. As parents concerned about our children's nutrition, we are proactively pursuing the means to provide a healthy lunch, every day, to our children. Ki’s School Lunches is the answer. Through our web based system parents can now order a nutritional lunch for their children that is delivered daily to their participating schools.

All Ki’s menus feature California Gourmet Cuisine: Great tasting food, prepared by using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients while excluding fillers, preservatives, pesticides, and trans fatty acids.